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Чупакабра. Князь Дурианский.

Ближайшие планы

IV Zimowy Ultramaraton Karkonoski im. Tomka Kowalskiego

53 км по горе на границе Чехии и Польши
350 участников, я единственный представляющий Россию бггг


The challenge is outstanding and not everyone will be given a chance to take it. Winter in the mountains makes no compromises. Due to the season of the year, the Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon does not constitute an ordinary long distance run. Also, it is not for everyone. Race participants must have experience in long-lasting mountain runs and knowledge about winter mountain conditions. Each runner taking part in the race should know their body, have confidence in their abilities, and be prepared for a fight in harsh conditions.

It is very difficult to foresee the weather conditions prevailing in the Karkonosze Mountains in March – the winter can be unpredictable. The weather may be very severe. Imagine the combination of – low temperature, snow, wind, fog – these are only some atmospheric phenomena you may encounter. Prepare for a long-lasting fight with discomfort and cold. You might have to face deep snow or face-lashing and visibility-blocking wind. These are only some of the “pleasures” you may experience. The above conditions require not only great physical condition and appropriate equipment but also a great, fighting spirit.

Всё как я люблю
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